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Reviews and Testimonials

What parents are saying...

Sarah Eddy

My daughter has been working with Bradi since January 2022 for reading tutoring and Bradi has been amazing! Her background with the Orton-Gillingham approach is evident and she keeps her tutoring sessions fun but on track. Each week she builds on the skill from the prior week and introduces something new. She has a curriculum that she tailors to each individual child and adjusts lessons based on what is being covered at school. She is professional, patient, kind and energetic. My daughter has made so much progress with Bradi - she loves to read and has regained confidence. Bradi has been flexible with our busy schedule and we have worked with her both in-person and virtually.

Tracey Forkin

Bradi is the absolute best. Our son would not eat anything but yogurt pouches. After working with Bradi, he now happily eats anything and everything!! Our little guy loved working with Bradi, he thought it was playtime because she makes it feel like that! She gave us strategies to work on at home and talked me and my husband through them and answered all of our questions. It is obvious that Bradi has experience with children, making every learning lesson into an opportunity for fun! We will never be able to thank Bradi enough. Our son graduated from therapy, but keeps asking about his pal, Ms. Bradi. If your child needs a speech therapist, don’t waste time, go to the best and that is Bradi.

Courtenay Jaquays

I cannot begin to express how amazing this young lady is! Ms. Bradi has truly brought sanity back to our home and into our son’s (age 8) life with her magic and knowledge around behavioral issues pertaining to food experiences. Bradi has truly worked her magic with my son. Before her visits. Every meal time was met with tantrums and refusal to eat. Going out was a complete nightmare unless I was able to evaluate what children’s menu they offered and verified that it was one of a very short list of things he would eat. Even then, if it wasn’t made exactly the way he wanted it was automatically deemed “disgusting” and even got to the point that we would not be allowed to ever visit that location again. Once Bradi came into our son’s life, he has been less reluctant in trying new things and has even found good that he really likes. Foods that in the past would have sent him into toddle tantrum status. We can’t believe how much she has truly helped us and have recommended her to absolutely everyone!! She is so patient and kind, yet firm when she needs to be. We still are having struggles with eating, but the tantrums have ended for the time being. We look forward to continuing to work with Bradi and get our son to a point of when we eat, he is willing to eat or at least try what food is presented without falling back into the toddle tantrum status. If you are considering seeking help from Bradi, I highly recommend using her services. She truly is amazing and we would still be absolutely lost without her. Lost and losing our patients with toddler like tantrums.

Gina King

We have been through SO MANY SPEECH THERAPISTS. So many over the past 8 years. Bradi is by FAR the best we have ever had! Our son has never laughed so hard than when he has speech therapy with Bradi. She taught us about Gestalt Language Processors & we discovered our son was one. Since discovering this, this has opened our world and his. He is finally getting the support he needs & the right type of therapy. We are so thankful to Bradi!
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